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Figure 14.1 Morph targets for Girl mesh.
not use too many polygons then we should be able to use several morph
target channels. In this chapter we will look first at how to extract the
morph target data from a Lightwave object file. To test the samples run
Toon3D and load 'Examples/Chapter14/Girl.t3d'.
Any object in Toon3D can have morph targets. To use morph targets
you first create a morph controller. Click on the object that is to have
morph targets in the tree view. Then right click to bring up the 'Objects'
menu. From the objects menu select 'Create morph controller'. Select the
morph controller in the tree view, right click and select Add Morph target.
After adding the morph targets you can adjust the level of a target by
selecting it and left dragging in the OpenGL view.
Figure 14.2 Using morph objects in Toon3D.
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