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common condition in a game involves a character running close to a
collision boundary. If the character hits the wall at a glancing angle then
it is better to rotate the character to align to the collision boundary than to
stop the character abruptly as though it has hit the collision object straight
on. To use these alignment techniques we need to know a movement
vector. If we think of this as a 2D problem viewed from above then we can
calculate how to conform the character to the collision object quite
Collision detection can be a very complex subject. In this chapter we have
concentrated on the simpler techniques using axis-aligned bounding
boxes and bounding spheres. For most applications this, combined with
segment level bounding box checks, will suffice. If your application
requires a higher degree of accuracy then you must get down to the
polygon level. The principal technique of checking for collisions to polygon
accuracy involves finding a separating plane between two objects. The
separating plane technique was covered in this chapter.
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