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Figure 13.10 Finding a separating plane using object faces.
the face unit normal and a vector from a vertex on the face to each vertex
on the colliding mesh. If this test is positive for every vertex then the face
is a separating plane. If no face conforms to this test then a collision is
unlikely but can still have occurred if, instead of a vertex from the colliding
mesh being inside the collision object, an edge is.
To check this, we create a plane out of every edge in the collision target
and every vertex in the colliding mesh. Having created this plane, we then
check every other vertex in the colliding mesh with a normal of this test
plane; if the dot product is consistently positive then no collision has
Unfortunately, the number of tests to confirm face level accuracy is
huge and involves a large number of normalized vectors, using the
computationally expensive square root operation. Also, the techniques
only work on convex meshes. A way to reduce the calculations is to flag
Figure 13.11 Finding a separating plane using object edges.
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