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the mathematical presentation and is unfortunately beyond the scope of
this topic. However, with the emphasis on providing useful tools for
animators, one way out is to let the user recreate the curve visually. If the
data for a single channel are presented as a graph and the user can
create an approximation to this graph by clicking and dragging keyframe
markers on the graph, then in a large majority of cases this will provide
just the method required to simplify the data sufficiently to allow them to
edit the animation.
Avoiding human limitations
The restrictions on the data that are the natural consequence of
environment of the capture can be eliminated in two ways. First, the
timings of certain sections can be adjusted. By setting a starting time, an
end time and a new target end time, the data can either be spaced out or
compressed. This can add considerably to the dynamics of a scene. The
other method to enhance a human performance is to add extended
targets on top of the existing action. Suppose the position of the hips is
driven not only by the mocap data, but also by a secondary animation
layer. In this secondary layer you can add keyframes in just the same way
you would with straightforward keyframing and these keys can be
interpolated using the techniques described in Chapter 8. Now your
character can jump higher and faster than any human ever could. This
dynamism greatly improves mocap scenes and is well worth adding to
any animation tools.
Blending motions
You may have a mocap scene that is a great walk and another that is a
stop and turn. You can easily blend these actions by setting a start frame
and a blend length, then iterating through the data slowly blending one
action into the next.
Implement IK
The motion of your character and the actual mocap data may be in some
ways incompatible. The length of legs and arms may mean that certain
restrictions have to be set in order to map the data effectively to your
character. IK offers the best solution to most of these problems. If the
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