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if (s<ADmaxP) s=ADmaxP;
ADmaxP))*(maxP-minP) + minP;
if (mcChannelB>-1){
c=mcChannelB & 0xF;
m=(mcChannelB & 0xF0)>>4;
if (ADminB<ADmaxB){
if (s<ADminB) s=ADminB;
if (s>ADmaxB) s=ADmaxB;
ADminB))*(maxB-minB) + minB;
if (s>ADminB) s=ADminB;
if (s<ADmaxB) s=ADmaxB;
ADmaxB))*(maxB-minB) + minB;
A few cheap components and a little hard work and you will have a
simple input device for real-time performance. If you extend the software
to store the inputs during a capture session, then you will be able to replay
the capture later.
The same principles used for input on this real-time suit can be used in
tandem with keyframe animation. When setting the pose for a CG
character, it can sometimes be useful to have a real mannequin that you
can pose, then capture the joint angles. If we use friction joints on the suit
described, then this can form the basis of a mannequin input device for
setting model poses. Mannequin model input devices of this type were
used on the CGI mould-breaking film Jurassic Park .
Exchanging motion capture data
Any motion captured from a motion capture input device will need to be
supplied in a form suitable for your application. If you are using one of the
major CGI packages then you may find that you are able to input certain
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