Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
p5 Outgoing tangent
p6 Reserved
pre , post - pre- and post-behaviours, an index into the graph editor
pop-up, currently
0 Reset
1 Constant
2 Repeat
3 Oscillate
4 Offset Repeat
5 Linear
The only remaining line guaranteed to be in an object layer section is
ShadowOptions 7
This defines whether the object receives and casts shadows. The
integer value is based on a combination of bit position flags.
Table 10.1
Bit position
Self shadow
Cast shadow
Receive shadow
Other sections can be present in an object layer section and one that is
often used is the value for Parent.
ParentItem 10000000
This is defined as a 32-bit hex value. The first character defines the
parent type. It could be
1 = object
2 = light
3 = camera
4 = bone
The remaining values are simply an index into the number of that type
in the scene file. In the example the parent would be the first object found
in the scene file.
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