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Reading an object layer section
The objects that are used in a file are defined using 'LoadObjectLayer'.
Since a single object can contain multiple layers, the integer value
following the 'LoadObjectLayer' declaration defines which of these layers
to load where multiple layers are present.
LoadObjectLayer 1 Objects/UnitCube.lwo
The remainder of the line is a path from the content directory to the
object file. When parsing the scene file you would now need to load and
parse this file to get at the object geometry and surface data. In the next
chapter we will look at the way 3DS approaches the same problem and
discover that 3DS chooses to store everything in a single file.
ShowObject 6 3
This next line declares the object visibility inside the application.
Lightwave allows the animator to view an object as wireframe, smooth
shaded or textured, or turn off the object's visibility altogether. When
creating animations this is a useful feature since it improves update
performance and can remove some clutter from the display when editing.
The second of the two integer values defines the wireframe colour from a
limited set of colours that Lightwave uses for objects displayed in
wireframe format.
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