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Figure 10.1 Lightwave 6 - unit cube scene.
Reading the configuration section
The first line defines this text file as a Lightwave Scene file and the
following line gives the version number. Lightwave 6 uses a scene file
version number of 3. A Lightwave scene file has a start frame and end
frame which are declared in the file as 'FirstFrame' and 'LastFrame'.
When using the software it is possible to render every frame or every
second frame or skip more than one frame when moving through the
frames; the 'FrameStep' value gives the amount of frames to move on
by for each rendered frame. Previews in Lightwave can use a different
start and end frame, which are defined by 'PreviewFirstFrame' and
'PreviewLastFrame'. When previews are created the renderer moves
on by 'PreviewFrameStep' amount as each frame is finished. 'Current-
Frame' defines the frame that was being viewed when the file was
saved. 'FramesPerSecond' gives the relationship between frame
values and time. For the sample file the configuration section is given
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