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and 25 the same, so we do not want to display both frames as this will
result in the appearance of a slight hesitation in the action. Having sorted
the orientation of the hips and torso we can adjust the head. This needs
rotating at 1, 6, 12 and 18 so that it is always upright and facing forward.
You should now have a character that seems to have some bendiness.
It is now time to rotate the thighs. Starting with the right thigh rotate
it so that it is at about 30° to the horizontal at frame 1. Then it swings
slightly down to frame 6. It should be straight down at frame 12 and at
the maximum swing back at frame 18. Repeat with the left thigh, which
should be straight down on frame 1, maximum back on frame 6, 30° of
horizontal forward on frame 12 and slightly down from there on frame
18. Playback should now be looking more like a walk. Now we come to
the calves. Rotate the right calf so that it is pointing back and down on
frame 1, nearly in line with the thigh on frame 6, and pretty much in line
with the thigh on frames 12 and 18. A little extra bend on frame 18
should help. The left calf should be straight on frame 1, a little bent on
frame 6, pointing back and down on frame 18 and in line with the thigh
on frame 18. For all the objects in the legs make sure that you
remember to copy the leg positions from frame 1 to frame 25. For the
feet, make sure when they are on the floor they stay in line with the floor
for as much of the time interval as possible. You may find that on the
maximum stride if you have the foot tilted up a frame before the leg
Figure 8.6 Key positions in Charlie's exaggerated walk.
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