Game Development Reference
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buttons are named, and Appendix A for a more detailed description of how
to use Toon3D Creator.
The slider control moves through time. If under File/Preferences the
option for Autokey Create is chosen, then every translate, rotate or scale
will either create or adjust a keyframe. If this option is not checked then
you will need to press the Enter key to confirm an adjustment to an object.
We will go through the process of creating an action for the character we
developed in Chapter 5. Open the project 'Chapter08/Walk01.t3d'. Here
you will find the character with no animation created. Select one of the
user views and adjust the view so that the character appears side on (see
Figure 8.5).
We are going to create a walk. Toon3D Creator uses frame values to
define time. By default the number of frames in a second is set to 25; you
can adjust this to a different setting in the properties for a scene, which is
reached by right clicking on the scene in the tree control. We want our
walk to loop, that is having moved the left leg and the right through a
single stride the action can be repeated indefinitely. In order to achieve a
loop, it is essential that the start and end orientations of all the objects that
make up our character are the same. Because of the hierarchy of this
Figure 8.5 Setting up a side view in Toon3D Creator.
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