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Right Shoulder
Right Bicep
Right Forearm
Right Wrist
Right Hand
Right Index Finger
Right Fingers
Right Thumb
Left Thigh
Left Calf
Left Ankle
Left Foot
Left Toe
Right Thigh
Right Calf
Right Ankle
Right Foot
Right Toe
This extends the original hierarchy to give control over the fingers in
the hand and to allow for the girl's long hair to swing as she dances. All
the control objects are carefully parented and the positions of their
pivot points chosen to reflect the body part they represent. Low
polygon characters are the norm at the time of writing, but many real-
time developers are starting to look at how to use the next generation
of graphics cards and consoles to better effect. Some computers are
capable of transforming and displaying just 2000 textured polygons the
15 times a second minimum you need to give smooth animation. Other
computers can display 20 000 textured polygons 50 times a second.
We need a scalable solution so that those with better hardware get a
better looking display, while not excluding those many customers using
last year's model graphics cards or consoles.
Looking ahead to subdivision surfaces
One way we can do just this is to use subdivision surfaces. In a later
chapter we will look at how we can implement subdivision surfaces. For
now we will simply look at the concept. We have an engine that can
deform a mesh, but what if we regard that mesh as simply a control
mesh? This mesh is not intended to be displayed; the vertices and
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