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Figure 7.5 Selecting the parent object in Toon3D Creator.
We will look now at how the object is transformed and rotated in
Toon3D. The first thing to be aware of is that the parent of an object must
have already been rotated in order for the code to work. So the overall
transformation loop must begin by iterating through all objects in the
scene that have no parent. In the transformation loop for these parentless
objects, we need to transform any objects that have the current object as
a parent. As an example, let's take part of the hierarchy that we
considered earlier:
Left Shoulder
Left Bicep
Left Forearm
Left Hand
Right Shoulder
Right Bicep
Right Forearm
Right Hand
In our scene we need to be able to individually control each of these
objects. All code examples use a C++ class called CToon3DObject. (The
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