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Figure 6.3 Calculating the u values for a cylindrical texture map.
radians are equivalent to 360°. The distance across the texture map
is given by the product of the width wrap and the current angle,
divided by 2
. This is capped to between 0 and 1.0 using a while
Calculating the v value is the same as planar mapping, although in
this sample we use the centre of the texture as the origin point not the
minimum vector, so we need to add 0.5 back to the v value to centre the
result. Here is a code snippet that shows how to generate the
coordinates for a cylindrical image mapping around the y -axis:
for (i=0; i<ply->numverts; i++){
vec.x = pt->x - tex->centre.x;
vec.y = pt->y - tex->centre.y;
vec.z = pt->z - tex->centre.z;
//Calculate the u coordinate
u = (float)(atan2(vec.x,vec.z)/PI2);
u *= tex->widthwrap;
//Cap to 0 < u < 1
while (u>=1.0) u-=1.0;
while (u<0) u+=1.0;
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