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Figure 5.12 Creating Gerald's head.
character is a complex and highly personal exercise. I highly recommend
sketching before starting any modelling. Feeling for form with a pencil is
a much faster process than creating geometry.
In this chapter we have looked at the creation of two meshes using
Lightwave 6.5. With low polygon meshes, artists have to make a
compromise between the geometry they would like to use to create their
characters and the geometry that current computers can transform and
render at 25 frames per second. At the time of writing, the new
generation of games consoles and graphics cards is allowing 50k poly
scenes where previously we had 5k scenes. But even with 50k polys
there is still a huge compromise over TV or film rendered CGI. Here
500k scenes are usual and 1m plus poly scenes not that unusual. But
we still want our characters to look great. We can create the illusion of
much more geometry by using textures on our characters intelligently.
Figure 5.14 shows the Gerald mesh with textures added. Loading
'Gerald.t3d' into Toon3D Creator allows you see this textured mesh
animating. Gerald in full colour looks so much better than the simple
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