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group of polygons and mirror them to create the right foot, welding the
right foot onto the polygons at the end of the right leg. Then change the
selection to the front face of these new polygons. Using 'Smooth Shift'
again, this time the polygons will be created pointing forward rather than
down. Select the back lowest polygon and 'Smooth Shift' this to form the
heel. Knife through the forward-facing polygons twice. You now have all
the polygons necessary to shape a foot. The final shaping is done using
a combination of dragging and moving of point selections. The last task in
creating Charlie's body is to add the top of her boots. This is done in the
same way we created her collar. Since we need to create two sets of
these polygons, one for the left boot and one for the right, it is best to
create a single set, mirror it and weld the new one in place.
Finishing Charlie
The final stage of creating Charlie is to weld her head onto her body and
shape her hair. Copy Charlie's head to the body layer and weld the points
in her face to the neck. To form Charlie's hair, highlight the points in the left
edge of Charlie's face and copy these to a new layer. With Charlie
showing as a background layer, rotate the newly pasted points to the back
of Charlie's head. Copy the points back to Charlie's main layer. Create
polygons from the new points and the edge of Charlie's face. Knife
through the new polygons twice. Select the points created through knifing
and use the 'Move' tool in the 'Top' view to make Charlie's head more
round. Select, mirror and weld the polygons that form the side of Charlie's
head to create the other side. Weld the back seam and weld these new
polygons onto Charlie's neck. Select the top row of points. Press the '='
key to hide all the other geometry. Use the point tool to create points for
the top of Charlie's head. Highlight sets of four points and use 'Make Pol'
to turn the selection into a polygon. Press the '\' key to show the full
geometry again. Now highlight the polygons that will form Charlie's hair.
Use 'Smooth Shift' to move this polygon set out. It only remains to use the
drag and move tools to create the final shape for the geometry.
If everything has worked out, then you should have the geometry
featured in Figure 5.11.
Creating a more cartoon style character
Although Charlie is a caricature she is quite lifelike. We are now going to
create a character that is much less realistic. The development of a
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