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repeat the 'Smooth Shift'. Use one side polygon and the two end polygons
to form the digits. Because 'Smooth Shift' moves a set of polygons
together we will use the 'Bevel' tool. This tool deals with each polygon in
isolation. In addition to being able to drag the mouse left and right to move
the new geometry along the vertex normals, 'Bevel' allows you to enlarge
or shrink the end polygon. Use this feature to shape the fingers. You
should by now have a roughly shaped hand. We are dealing with a low
polygon character so we cannot put very much detail into a hand, but it is
important that the shape is at least a rough representation of a hand. In
much the same way we arrived at the final geometry for the body, use
'Drag' and 'Move' with point selections to shape the hand. Having created
the left hand use the 'Polygon Selection' tool to highlight the left hand and
then use the 'Mirror' tool to duplicate a mirrored image of this polygon
selection. Now delete the end polygons from Charlie's right arm and weld
the free-floating right hand to the end of her arm.
For the feet, we first 'Smooth Shift' the end polygons of the left leg to
form the left ankle. In the same manner as the hands we will create a
single foot. Having shaped the foot to our satisfaction, we highlight this
Figure 5.9 Creating low polygon feet and hands.
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