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Figure 5.8 Creating Charlie's upper body.
To add Charlie's collar use the 'Point Selection' tool to select the points
where the base of the collar will be formed. Copy this point selection by
pressing the 'c' key. You can then paste this to another layer. Move these
new points to where the top of the collar will be. Then press 'c' again to
copy the new points. Move back to the original layer and paste the points.
Now use the 'Point Selection' tool to select the base points and the new
points. Press the '=' key so that only the selection is visible and select sets
of four points and use 'Make Pol' to turn the point selection into a polygon.
If everything went correctly then 'Charlie' should be the proud owner of a
new collar.
Creating Charlie's hands and feet
To form Charlie's hand, we start with the last two polygons of her left arm
and select these. Using 'Smooth Shift', extend these polygons out to form
the area where Charlie's palm will be. We need three polygons to create
the thumb, index finger and remaining fingers. To get three polygons
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