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of layer one. You should be able to see the face as a black line in all the
views. If you have been working through the tutorial then you will have the
backdrop images as a useful guide. Use the 'g' and '<' keys to zoom out
and recentre the views so that all of the guide backdrops are visible. Step
one is to create the waist. We will use the disc tool. This is accessed from
the 'Create' tab. Click on the 'Disc' button then drag an ellipse in the 'Top'
view. The ellipse will define the size of Charlie's waist. Before leaving this
tool, press the 'n' key. This brings up a numeric dialog box. This allows
you to set various parameters for the disc tool. Many of Lightwave's tools
have numeric options that are all accessed via the 'n' key. In the option for
the number of sides, select 16. Drag again in the 'Front' view and you will
see an elliptical cylinder appear. This mesh has two polygons with 16
vertices. These two polygons are likely to cause havoc with any real-time
engines. So it is best to remove them. The problem polygons are the top
and bottom faces of the cylinder. Draw a ring around one of them using
the right mouse button in 'Polygon Selection' mode and when the polygon
goes yellow you can delete it by pressing the 'delete' key. An alternative
way to select polygons with more than four sides is to select the 'Polygon
Statistics' dialog box by pressing the 'w' key. Using this dialog box you can
quickly find geometry that may cause problems with the real-time engine.
The dialog box contains buttons to select '+' or deselect '-' polygons with
one, two, three, four or more than four sides. If you are working through
this tutorial then this dialog box should indicate one polygon with more
than four sides. Press the '+' button next to this and the offending polygon
should be highlighted in yellow. Again, to delete the polygon press the
'delete' key. You should now have a cylinder with no top or bottom.
To add geometry we will knife through the upper part of the cylinder in
the 'Front' view. Select the 'Knife Tool' under the 'Construct' tab. Draw a
line in the front view by clicking on the 'Front' view and then dragging the
handles of the line. Press the 'Space' bar to confirm the knife action. You
should now have an additional row of points in the elliptical cylinder.
Because Charlie's body is symmetrical we are going to delete the left half
so that we can concentrate on the right half for the construction. Once we
have got near to completing the right half, we will mirror it in just the same
way as we did with the face, welding the points along the mirroring axis.
To delete the left half, simply draw a ring around the polygons on the left
in 'Polygon Selection' mode and press the delete key. The highlighted
polygons will be deleted. Now select the upper row of points by switching
to 'Point Selection' mode and drawing a ring around these points using
the right mouse button. Press the 't' key to activate the 'Move' tool and
drag these up until they are at shoulder height. Now knife through the
geometry just below the bust line. Highlight this latest row of points and
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