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Figure 5.7 Stage 2 in creating Charlie's face.
'', Lscript plug-in which is available on the CD under 'Utilities'.
To use this, use the 'Point Selection Tool' to select a point on one side of
the join and a point on the other. Having selected several pairs of points
in this way, select the 'Construct' tab. Near the bottom left of the screen
choose the Lscript dropdown button and select LW_Lscript; from the file
open dialog box choose ''. This simple plug-in joins pairs of
points and welds them into a single point. At this stage you should have
the face shown in Figure 5.7.
Creating Charlie's body
Now it is time to start on Charlie's body. The Lightwave interface uses a
layer style, in much the same way as a Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro
bitmap file can use several layers in the creation of the final image. Having
created the face in layer one, we will now move to layer two to start work
on the body. The layer palette is in the top right corner of the screen. Here
you will see 10 rectangles cut through by a diagonal. If you click in the
lower part then you set this as the active background. A background in
Lightwave shows through as a black line image in all the views. It is useful
for aligning your geometry to existing models. This is precisely what we
wish to do now. So click on the upper part of layer two and the lower part
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