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Figure 5.6 Early work on Charlie's face.
to get confused about which point in the Front view represents a point in
the Side view. If in doubt waggle the point about and check to see what is
moving in the Side view. Remember that to deselect a set of points
choose the 'Point Selection Tool' and then click in the grey area to the
bottom left of the screen. Hopefully you have been able to create this
geometry and colour the polygons using the 'Surface' dialog box. But, if
you feel like cheating, load 'Chapter05\Charlie\Objects\Face01.lwo',
which is the model that you can see in the screen grab. It is now time to
mirror this geometry and weld the points around the axis. The 'Mirror Tool'
is activated using Shift-V or by choosing the 'Multiply' tab and selecting
the 'Mirror' button. Click to define the axis and drag the mouse. A mirrored
copy of the geometry is created. Deselect the tool and choose 'Point
Selection'; click on a point around the join. If this point is indicated as a
single point then the 'Mirror Tool' has successfully welded the points
together. If you have any points that are not welded then weld them
together now using the 'Weld Tool', which can be found under the 'Detail'
tab. An alternative to welding a pair of points at a time is to use the
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