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Figure 5.5 Using a backdrop image in Lightwave 3D.
This rather simple sketch will help when creating the geometry for the
face. The first step is to create some polygons for the mouth. To do this,
select the point tool. This tool is available under the 'Create' tab at the top
of the screen. Having selected 'Create', the buttons on the left will include
'Point' near the bottom left. Select this tool. Using the point tool you can
create points by clicking with the right mouse key. Click around the
outside of the lips and again around the inside. Because we are aiming at
a symmetrical face, we can just build one side of the face and, having
accomplished this, we can mirror and weld the points where both sides
join to create the final result. Figure 5.6 shows the first few polygons in the
construction of the face.
To arrive at this result I first created the points that form the polygons
around the lips. I then selected four points in a clockwise direction. Then,
using the 'Make polygon tool', which can be found under the 'Create' tab
and is named 'Make Pol', we turn this selection of points into a single
polygon. Repeat this for all the points in the lips. Then choose 'Polygon
Selection', you should find that all your polygons are selected, having just
been created. If not, then select them by drawing a ring around them,
while pressing the right mouse button. Now press the 'q' key; this brings
up a basic surface dialog. Here you can give this set of polygons a surface
name. Type in 'Lips' and set the surface colour to red, set specularity to
60 per cent and click the smooth button. This will ensure that the lips
appear smoothed rather than faceted. At this stage the geometry for the
lips will be correct in the Front view only. In the Side view it will be totally
flat. Continue to build polygons until you arrive at the model in Figure 5.6
in the Front view. Now it is time to add depth to this geometry. To do this
select points using the 'Point Selection Tool' and then press the 't' key,
which activates the 'Move Tool'. This tool allows you to move the
selection, whether the selection is a point set or a polygon set. It is easy
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