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Aside from these limited methods, the only way to earn Farm Cash is by pur-
chasing it with real money or participating in special advertising offers. See
the next section in this chapter for more on both of these Farm Cash acquisi-
tion methods.
Knowing when to use Farm Cash
Although both Farm Cash and Farm Coins can be obtained simply by play-
ing FarmVille, Farm Cash is much more difficult to earn in the normal course
of the game. Therefore, in general you want to be much more careful when
using Farm Cash to make a purchase.
That said, some reasons to use Farm Cash rather than Farm Coins are the
Buying Farm Cash exclusives: Some items simply aren't available for
any amount of Farm Coins. These Farm Cash exclusives are usually lim-
ited-edition items that are exceedingly rare or otherwise distinct from
the kinds of items you can get with Farm Coins. If you want to differenti-
ate your farms or show off your rarefied taste, you may have to break
out the Farm Cash.
Bypassing construction phases: Although you can purchase most build-
ings using either Farm Coins or Farm Cash, if you choose to do so using
coins, you have to rely on donations of materials from friends before
you can complete the building. If you use Farm Cash, you can bypass
this annoying, time-consuming process and set up your completed build-
ing in one fell swoop. For more on buildings, see Chapter 9.
Buying land expansions: Although you can use Farm Coins to expand
your farm (see Chapter 6), the largest farms can require a truly obscene
amount of coins to purchase. If you don't have enough coins, you can
use Farm Cash to upgrade your farm more quickly. Remember that
bigger farms provide more space to place crops, trees, and animals and
therefore can generate more Farm Coins more quickly.
Buying Hot Rod vehicles: You can purchase regular vehicles with either
Farm Cash or coins, but the only way to get Hot Rod vehicles is by shell-
ing out Farm Cash. These vehicles can plow, seed, or harvest nine plots
of land in a single click, helping you get your farming done faster than by
using any of the other vehicles. For more on buying and using vehicles,
see Chapter 6.
Buying fuel: Although you can earn fuel several ways in FarmVille,
the only way to purchase it directly is by spending Farm Cash. If your
vehicles are sitting idle and you need to harvest immediately, the price
might be worth it.
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