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Grow a tree: Trees are some of the most efficient sources of income
in FarmVille. They require no maintenance and automatically generate
harvestable profits 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, because
trees don't wither, you can harvest them on your own schedule. As with
calves, trees leave a relatively small footprint on your farm, meaning
that you can also fit lots of trees in a relatively small space. Over time,
the coins you earn from a single tree will return your initial investment
in them many times over.
Expand your farm: When you can afford to expand your farm, do it
as soon as possible. Expanding your farm gives you more land, which
means more crops, which means more coins, which means more
expansions, which means . . . more land! For more on purchasing farm
expansions, see Chapter 6.
Acquiring Farm Cash for Premium Items
Farm Cash — also known as FarmVille Dollars or Farm Bucks, or is abbre-
viated as FV$ — is the more exclusive of the two virtual currencies in
FarmVille. You can use Farm Cash to purchase many exclusive items that you
can't buy with Farm Coins, or use it as an alternative method of payment for
some items that you can also purchase with Farm Coins.
You can also often use Farm Cash to speed up processes that would usually
require time, help from neighbors, or extra work on your farm to complete.
Earning Farm Cash
Although Farm Cash is very difficult to obtain just by playing FarmVille, you
do have a few ways to earn it in the game itself:
Start a new farm: Each new FarmVille player receives five Farm Cash to
start with. Before you get any big ideas, you can't start multiple farms
and merge them together to create one big pile of free Farm Cash, so
don't even think about it.
Level up: Every time you reach a new level (up to level 100), you earn
one Farm Cash in your account. For more on reaching new levels, see
Chapter 8.
Open mystery items: Occasionally, you'll find Farm Cash hidden inside
Mystery Gifts, Mystery Eggs, and Gift Boxes. For more on how to get
these items, see Chapter 4.
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