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Earning ribbons: You earn ribbons by completing various FarmVille
tasks, and each new ribbon comes with a reward in the form of Farm
Coins and experience points (XP). For more on how to earn ribbons and
the specific rewards associated with them, see Chapter 11.
Selling crafted goods: By setting up a crafting building, you can turn
bushels of crops into crafted goods, which your neighbors can then pur-
chase using their coins. Eighty percent of the purchase price for these
goods goes directly into your Farm Coins account. For a much more
detailed account of the entire crafting and selling process, see Chapter 7.
Visiting neighbors and completing friend missions: When you visit a
neighbor's farm, you can earn Farm Coins and XP by performing helpful
actions such as fertilizing crops, harvesting trees, collecting from ani-
mals, and feeding chickens. It's doing well by doing good. For more on
visiting other farms and helping neighbors, see Chapter 4.
Celebrating your neighbors' achievements: When your FarmVille
friends achieve certain goals in FarmVille, the game gives them the
option to share a bonus with their friends by posting a message on their
Facebook wall. If you see such a message on a friend's wall, click the Get
a Bonus From [Friend's Name] link to earn free coins and XP. Note that
these bonuses last for only 24 hours, and only the first few neighbors
who click the link get the bonus, so keep your eyes peeled and click
those links promptly.
Earning Farm Coins quickly
Everybody wants to get rich quickly, and FarmVille players are no exception.
Many new farmers want to know the quickest ways to earn coins in the game.
Accumulating coins happens naturally when you persistently grow crops,
limit your unnecessary spending, and consider some of the following sugges-
tions for earning coins:
Know your crops: Each FarmVille crop has a specific growing time, seed
price, and harvest yield associated with it. You can use these numbers
to figure out which available crops provide the most daily profit per plot
of land. For a fuller discussion of maximizing the profit you earn from
each plot of plowed land, see Chapter 6. Also, see Chapter 17 to find out
about some of the most lucrative crops in the game.
Know your animals: As with crops, some animals generate more daily
harvestable profits than others. In contrast to crops, though, different
animals take up a different amount of space on your farm, meaning that
you have to also consider whether having an animal is the most efficient
use of your land. Look for animals such as calves, which leave a rela-
tively small footprint on your farm and can be harvested for a relatively
high 80 coins each day.
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