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Acquiring Farm Coins for Essentials
Farm Coins are the basic currency used in FarmVille, and every new
FarmVille player starts with 240 coins. You can use Farm Coins to purchase
everything from seeds and animals to storage buildings, decorations, vehi-
cles, and land expansions. Although you must use Farm Cash to obtain many
premium items, the items that you absolutely need to play the game tend to
be available for purchase with Farm Coins.
You can use these coins however you wish, but keep in mind that although
money does grow on trees (and crops and animals) in FarmVille, you have
to purchase those trees (and crops and animals) before you can reap their
rewards. If you spend all your early money on frivolous items, you'll have to
break out your wallet and use real money to replenish your virtual coin purse,
as we explain in “Spending Real Money on Virtual Goods,” later in this chapter.
If you run out of coins, try visiting neighbors' farms, where you can get paid
for actions such as fertilizing their crops, harvesting their trees, feeding their
chickens, or collecting from animals. See Chapter 4 for more on interacting
with neighbors. Totally broke farmers can also keep an eye on bonus links in
their Facebook news feed to score some free coins.
Earning Farm Coins
As mentioned at the start of the chapter, a major aspect of playing FarmVille
is to earn FarmVille coins continuously. Without coins, you can't purchase
the seeds you need to grow crops or any of the other items that drive the
FarmVille economy.
Although you can spend real money on Farm Coins, you can also earn them
quite easily in the game. Earning coins can be hard at first, because new farm-
ers have fewer resources and opportunities to drive their engine of economic
growth. If you're a diligent farmer, however, you'll soon be earning coins as
an easy and natural part of your life in FarmVille.
You have a wide variety of methods for earning Farm Coins, including:
Harvesting crops, trees, and animals: This is by far the most common
method for generating coins. Through regular harvesting, these items
all provide predictable, reliable income that, over time, far outstrips the
initial investment you put into them. For more on how to acquire and
harvest all these items, see Chapter 3.
Crops need to be harvested promptly when they're fully grown or they
wither and lose all value. Trees and animals don't wither but should be
harvested frequently to maximize returns. See Chapter 6 for more on
keeping to an efficient farming schedule.
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