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For the Love of Virtual Money
In This Chapter:
Understanding the various types of currency used in FarmVille
Earning Farm Coins and Farm Cash in the game
Learning how to convert real money into FarmVille currency
Earning “free” FarmVille currency using special offers and promotions
Playing FarmVille effectively requires earning in-game currency con-
stantly. Without currency, you can't purchase the seeds you need to
grow crops or any of the other items that drive the FarmVille economy.
Unlike most countries in the real world, the land of FarmVille actually has
two separate currencies: Farm Coins and Farm Cash . Each currency has its
strengths and weaknesses, and you can buy many items using
either currency, but you can't combine currencies in one pur-
chase or exchange one currency for another. Also, even
though you technically earn both currencies by playing
the game, savvy farmers know that some currency is
harder to come by than others.
Confused? Don't worry — this chapter shows you
the essential differences between Farm Coins and
Farm Cash, and tells you when you should spend
one and save the other. We also tell you how to use
FarmVille's de facto third currency — real-world
money — to make optional purchases of in-game
currency. Finally, this chapter provides some tips for
how to get free FarmVille currency outside the game,
stretching both your virtual and your real wallets as far as
they'll go.
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