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Figure 4-10: A Facebook News feed publishing box.
Next, follow these steps to post a message:
1. (Optional) Type a personal message in the text box.
This message adds a more personal touch to the default news post
written by FarmVille. You can also click the lock next to the Publish
button to restrict the news post's visibility to a certain limited group of
your Facebook friends. This feature can be especially handy for sharing
FarmVille links only with people you know are interested in playing the
2. Click Publish.
The link will be shared on your news feed. Note that you can instead
click Skip to pass up the opportunity to share with your neighbors if
you want.
Your neighbors will be able to click the link that appears in their news feed to
accept the item or bonus or provide help with your request. Note that some
items shared via news feeds are available for only a limited time, or are avail-
able only to the first few neighbors who click the link. Be sure to click news
feed links shared by your neighbors as soon as possible to take full advan-
tage of these opportunities.
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