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Give and you shall receive: Sending out free gifts is a great way to
encourage your neighbors to send free gifts in return. The game pro-
vides a link for someone to return the favor right there on the gift noti-
fication pop-up; also, giving gifts makes your neighbors more likely to
think positively of you and want to reward you for your help.
Always send a return gift after you receive a gift: If you have a reputa-
tion for returning gifts when you receive them, your neighbors will be
more likely to send you gifts out of the blue, purely out of self-interest if
nothing else.
Do your part to help complete co-op jobs: Signing up for jobs that you
fail to help with is not only rude but also reduces the chance that your
neighbors will participate in and help complete co-op jobs that you start.
See Chapter 12 for more on co-op jobs.
Block off the center of your farm: Blocking off the center of your farm
by trapping your farmer avatar both saves you time while working on
your own farm and keeps visiting neighbors from having to wait for their
farmer to walk long distances to help you out. See Chapter 3 for more on
blocking off the center of your farm.
Share the wealth: Whenever the game asks whether you want to share
a free item or bonus on your Facebook news feed, take advantage of the
opportunity! Doing so increases your reputation as a generous neighbor
while also giving you bragging rights to your in-game accomplishments.
Re-gift unusable items: Turn your trash into someone else's treasure
by clicking the Re-gift button under unwanted or unusable items in your
Gift Box. Those items are then posted to your Facebook news feed,
where they have a chance of finding a good home.
Posting Items and Bonuses
to a Facebook News Feed
While you're playing FarmVille, many opportunities arise for you to post a
message on your Facebook news feed. These news posts can involve every-
thing from opportunities to adopt animals or accept free items to requests
for help with building upgrades.
These opportunities are usually indicated by a Share button or something simi-
lar that shows up in a pop-up notification window as you play. Clicking such a
button brings up the News Feed publishing box, as shown in Figure 4-10.
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