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If you click the Sell button, a pop-up notification appears, listing the
item's sale price and asking whether you're sure you want to sell that
gift. Click the Accept button to sell the gift for Farm Coins or the Cancel
button if you were just curious. Note that some items sell for zero coins,
so selling them is useful only for clearing space in your Gift Box.
If you click the Re-gift button (which is not available for all items), a
pop-up notification asks you how many of the gifts you want to give
away. Click the Send button to confirm or Cancel to reconsider.
Gifts expire two weeks after they are sent. If you try to accept a gift after this
time, you receive nothing but a message urging you to accept your gifts
sooner next time. You'd be wise to take that advice.
Other Ways to Be a Good Neighbor:
Farming Etiquette
The perfect FarmVille neighbor would visit each friend's farm daily, complet-
ing as many neighborly tasks as he or she can and pocketing a whole lot of
coins and XP in the process. In practice, visiting every day might not be feasi-
ble for farmers who have limited time to play or have reached the maximum
of 300 neighbors for their farm.
Even if you can't visit daily, it's still important to do your part to create and
maintain a good relationship with each of your neighbors. If you strive to be
a thoughtful neighbor, chances are good that your neighbors will return the
Here are a few tips on the etiquette of being a FarmVille neighbor:
Feed chickens: If you have time to do only one task on a neighbor's
farm, this is the one to do. Not only do you get a beefy bonus of 100
coins and 10 XP for a single click, but the Mystery Eggs that you and
your neighbor could receive from the action can be quite lucrative. (See
Chapter 9 to see just how lucrative.)
Fertilize and unwither crops: Although plowing a neighbor's fields and
harvesting his or her trees and animals are useful time savers, your
neighbor can perform these actions quite easily with a few free clicks. If
your neighbors want to fertilize or unwither their own crops, however,
they'll probably have to spend some hard-to-get Farm Cash to do it. Give
these actions priority over other actions when you visit a neighbor's
farm so that they can save a little virtual currency.
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