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Figure 4-9: The Gift Acceptance confirmation page.
4. (Optional) Click the Send a Thank You Gift button and then the Send
button on the confirmation window to send a gift back to the sender.
Although this step isn't strictly necessary, sending gifts back to neigh-
bors who send you gifts is a good way to ensure that you get more gifts
in the future.
5. Click the Yes button under “Do you have more pending gifts to
accept?” to accept more gifts, or the No button to return to your farm.
If you click the Yes button, go back to Step 3 to continue accepting gifts
until you have no more to accept.
Don't worry if you accidentally click No when you actually do have more
gifts — you can go back to Step 1 and accept your remaining gifts at any
6. Click the Gift Box icon in the Tools menu.
The Gift Box menu appears, which contains all the gifts you accepted in
Steps 1 through 5.
7. Click the Use, Sell, or Re-Gift buttons that appear under your gifts.
If you click the Use button, you return to your farm to place the item (if
it's a tangible item). Tangible items such as animals and decorations take
up physical space on your farm. If it's an intangible item such as a shovel,
fuel, or Farm Cash, the item is added to your inventory automatically.
Although a shovel is, in real-world terms, a “tangible” object, our refer-
ence to it and other items as “intangible” means that such items don't
take up physical (that is, virtual) space on your farm.
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