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no pending gifts to accept, so tell your neighbors to get off their behinds
and send you something, darn it!
Figure 4-7: The FarmVille
Requests button.
A pop-up notification appears, asking whether you really want to
accept your pending gift requests now. Think long and hard about this
decision . . . just kidding; there's really nothing to think about. It's free
stuff. Free!
2. Click the Accept button.
The Farmville section of your Facebook requests page appears, as
shown in Figure 4-8. You can also access your Facebook request page at
any time by clicking the See All Requests button on the right sidebar of
your Facebook home page.
Figure 4-8: The FarmVille section of your Facebook Requests page.
3. Click the Accept and Play button next to the gift you want to accept.
You can also click the Ignore button to permanently reject a gift, but
really, why would you want to do that? It's a free gift. Free! Remember,
you can always sell an unwanted gift for Farm Coins.
The Gift Acceptance confirmation page appears, as shown in Figure 4-9.
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