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3. Click either of the purple Proceed to Send buttons at the bottom and
top of the Free Gifts list.
The Friend Selection page appears.
4. Select the check boxes next to the friends to whom you want to send
the gift.
Note that you can click the FarmVille Friends tab to limit the list to only
people who have installed FarmVille on their Facebook account. You can
send gifts to other Facebook friends, but they'll have to install the game
before they can accept your gifts.
You can also type all or part of a friend's name into the text box above
the Friends list to find a particular friend quickly. If you add a friend acci-
dentally, click the X next to that person's name in the lower portion of the
Friend selection area to remove the person from the list of recipients.
5. Click the blue Send FarmVille Gift Request button.
A pop-up notification asks you to confirm or cancel your gift.
6. Click the blue Send button.
Your farm reappears. A news post detailing your gift shows up on your
neighbor's Facebook news feed. The neighbor then has to accept the gift
using the method outlined in the next section.
You can send up to a maximum of 50 gifts, in aggregate, to your FarmVille
neighbors in a 4-hour period. You are also limited to one gift per neighbor
every four hours.
If you're looking for a specific giftable item for yourself, try sending that same
item to a few of your neighbors. Chances are, you'll receive multiple thank
you gifts of the same type in return.
Accepting and using gifts
Just as in real life, you have to actively accept a gift in FarmVille before
you can open and use it. Unfortunately, the process for accepting a gift in
FarmVille isn't as straightforward as just taking a wrapped box someone
hands you. Recipients of FarmVille gifts have to take action to accept those
gifts before using them.
To accept any and all gifts you've been sent, follow these steps:
1. Click the FarmVille Requests button in the upper-right corner of the
FarmVille play area.
The number of gifts you have waiting to be accepted appears in a blue
square, as shown in Figure 4-7. If no number appears, you currently have
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