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Giving and Receiving Gifts
Sending free gifts is one of the most rewarding things FarmVille neighbors
can do for one another. The animals, trees, decorations, and construction
materials available as free gifts are often hard to obtain by other means, and
a farmer can save a significant amount of Farm Cash by receiving them rather
than purchasing them from the Market.
Even if your neighbor doesn't have an immediate need for a specific gift, he
or she can still sell it to gain some Farm Coins. For this reason, you should
strive to send something to each of your neighbors as often as possible.
Giving gifts
To send free gifts to your neighbors, follow these steps:
1. Click the brown Free Gifts tab located above the FarmVille game area.
The Free Gifts page appears, as shown in Figure 4-6.
2. Select the radio button under the gift you'd like to give.
Note that you can choose only one distinct gift to give at a time. If you
want to give a separate gift to another neighbor, you can come back to
the Gifting page later.
Figure 4-6: The Free Gifts page.
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