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Providing more neighborly assistance
Besides helping neighbors directly via farm visits, neighbors can choose
among plenty of other in-game tasks to help each other with. These include
Participating in co-op jobs: Neighbors can join together in co-op jobs to
receive mutually beneficial bonuses for the planting and harvesting they
were going to do anyway. See Chapter 12 for much more on participating
in co-op jobs.
Collecting items for limited-edition events: FarmVille occasionally has a
themed collection event that requires you to collect items to redeem for
exclusive prizes. You can often collect more of these items by clicking
themed buildings placed on your neighbors' farms. See Chapter 10 for
more details about limited-edition events.
Constructing buildings and upgrading vehicles: Neighbors can send
each other building materials and vehicle parts as gifts, saving each
other from spending lots of Farm Cash to construct a building or
upgrade a vehicle. See this chapter's “Giving and Receiving Gifts” sec-
tion for more on sending gifts, or Chapter 9 for more on constructing
buildings and Chapter 6 for more on upgrading vehicles.
Expanding your farm: Although you can purchase a farm expansion
with Farm Cash at any time, the ability to buy those expansions with
Farm Coins is only unlocked when you reach various milestone numbers
of neighbors. See Chapter 6 for more on buying farm expansions.
Collecting bushels and selling crafted goods: Having more neighbors
means having more potential sources of free bushels of goods from the
Farmers Market, as well as more potential customers for the crafted
goods you make. See Chapter 7 for more on participating in the Farmers
Market (which is different from the FarmVille Market that you get to
using the Market menu).
Earning ribbons: Many ribbons either require you to have a certain
number of neighbors or help neighbors a certain number of times.
Having neighbors helps you earn these ribbon achievements and the
coin and XP bonuses that go with them. For more on these ribbons, see
Chapter 11.
Giving and receiving gifts: Who doesn't love free stuff? Giving and
receiving free gifts is one of the most important roles for a good neigh-
bor. See the upcoming section for more on giving and receiving gifts.
Sharing items and bonuses through news feed links: Neighbors can
share free items and bonuses by posting links to their Facebook news
feed, as we mention throughout this topic. See the section later in this
chapter for more details on how to post on and take advantage of news
feed links.
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