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If your neighbor has not played FarmVille for 14 days or more, you'll be
given the option to unwither all of that neighbor's crops for free.
Harvest animals: Just as on your farm, animals that are ready to harvest
on a neighbor's farm appear with a pink arrow above their head. Click
these animals to harvest the animal and receive up to 50 Farm Coins for
your trouble. (For more on harvesting animals, see Chapter 3.)
Note that some of your neighbors' animals will yield more coins than
others when harvested. To receive the maximum 50-coin bounty, look
for horses, foals, swans, cats, and goats to harvest. Also, don't worry
that you're somehow stealing from your neighbor by harvesting their
prized animals — your neighbor will also receive the same coin rewards
when they visit next visit their farm.
Harvest trees: If a neighbor's tree is ready to harvest, a sickle icon
appears next to your pointer and the word Harvest appears when you
hover your mouse over that tree. Click the tree to harvest it and receive
up to 50 coins.
As with animals, some of your neighbors' trees will produce a larger
coin bonus than others when harvested. Trees that produce the maxi-
mum 50-coin bonus include Olive, Jackfruit, Passion Fruit, Gulmohar,
Banana, and Date.
Feed chickens: While visiting a neighbor's farm, click that farm's
chicken coop to feed the chickens. A pop-up box notifies you as to
whether you've received a Mystery Egg for your trouble. If you have,
you can click the Share button to in turn post a Mystery Egg to your
Facebook news feed, as discussed in the “Giving and Receiving Gifts”
section, later in this chapter.
Either way, you receive 100 Farm Coins and 10 XP for feeding a coop of
chickens, making this one of the most lucrative actions you can perform
on a neighbor's farm.
Fed chickens are also more likely to provide Mystery Eggs when har-
vested by your neighbor. (See Chapter 9 for more about mystery prizes.)
If a neighbor has helped your farm using any of the preceding methods,
that farmer's avatar appears on your farm the next time you log in to play
FarmVille. Click that avatar and then click the Accept Help button in the
drop-down menu to finalize the help the neighbor has provided. Be sure to
do this before doing any other farming tasks; otherwise, your neighbors' help
could be rendered moot if you perform the tasks yourself.
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