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Note that your neighbor's farm can take a few seconds to load completely (or
longer, depending on the speed of your Internet connection). Some items on
the neighbor's farm may appear as shadows for a while, only to pop suddenly
into existence as the data is downloaded from Zynga's server.
Farming on your neighbor's farm isn't exactly like farming on your own —
you're actually quite limited in the actions you can take to help your neigh-
bor. Each action comes with its own separate reward as well, as discussed in
the upcoming list.
Note that, except for feeding chickens, you can complete only five of these
tasks in aggregate per neighbor farm per calendar day. For example, you
can harvest two trees, fertilize two plots of land, and unwither one crop
before having to move on to another farm for the day. Feeding chickens in
chicken coops does not count toward this total, but you can feed each neigh-
bor's chickens only once per day. A new day in FarmVille starts at midnight
Eastern time.
Following are the activities you earn benefits for if you perform them on a
neighbor's farm:
Fertilize crops: Click any unfertilized, seeded plot of land on your neigh-
bor's farm to fertilize that plot. You earn ten Farm Coins and one XP for
each plot fertilized this way. Because of your good deed, your neighbor
will also earn an additional XP when he or she harvests that plot of land.
If your neighbor has used a Fertilize All item recently, you might not be
able to find an unfertilized plot of land to fertilize.
Plow fallow land: Click any patch of unproductive, light-brown fallow
land to plow that land and make it ready for seeding by your neighbor.
You receive 10 Farm Coins and one XP per plot plowed in this manner.
Unwither dead crops: Click a plot of brown, withered crops on a
neighbor's farm to unwither that crop and restore it to full, harvest-
able health. You earn 10 Farm Coins and one experience point per plot
plowed in this manner.
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