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Not all neighbors are created equal, however. Often, a neighbor will agree
to your request and then never visit your farm, send a gift, participate in a
co-op job, or do anything else to help you out. Or neighbors will stop playing
FarmVille after accepting your request, thereby clogging your Neighbors list
with static or empty farms.
These inactive neighbors are still minimally useful — you can still visit their
farms and receive coin and experience rewards for helping out, even if that
help will go unappreciated. Still, as you near your 300-neighbor limit (or if
you just want to clean things up), you may want to cull some of the dead
weight from your Neighbors list. You can do this from the My Neighbors page
by clicking the Remove as Neighbor button next to any current neighbor.
You don't receive confirmation for this kind of neighbor removal, so you'll
have to send another neighbor request if you mis-click. Be careful!
Helping Your Neighbors
In FarmVille as in life, being a good neighbor is a two-way street. Certainly,
your neighbors can help you out with stuff like free items, farm work, and
help with co-op jobs, but you're also expected to do the same things to help
those neighbors.
Luckily, FarmVille provides bonuses such as XP, Farm Coins, and even rare
Mystery Eggs for being a good neighbor, thereby proving that you can indeed
do well by doing good. Read on for a description of all the ways FarmVille
neighbors can be helpful to each other and what benefits they get in return.
Reaping what you sow by visiting
your neighbors' farms
It might seem silly to go do farm work on your neighbors' farms when you
have so much to do on your own farm. But don't be fooled — visiting and
helping your neighbors' farms is a great way to earn some extra Farm Coins,
XP, and possibly some free items each day.
To visit a neighbor's farm, simply click that neighbor's image in the Neighbor
bar at the bottom of the play area and then click Visit/Help Farm from the
drop-down menu. The farming screen fades out for a few seconds and your
neighbor's farm appears with your farmer avatar standing in the center. To
return to your farm at any time, click the Return Home button just above the
Tools menu, as shown in Figure 4-5.
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