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Figure 4-4: The Facebook Privacy Settings Customization page.
11. Click the drop-down menu for the specific settings you want to restrict
and click Customize.
A pop-up menu appears, asking which people you'd like to make this
information visible to or hidden from.
12. In the Hide This From area, type all or part of the name of the
stranger neighbor group and then click the name of that group when
it appears.
The group appears in the Hide This From area.
13. Click Save Setting.
Repeat Steps 11 and 12 until you've set the privacy settings to your liking.
Note that you have to set the privacy for the group only once; from then
on, any stranger neighbors you add to the group will automatically be lim-
ited to what they can and can't do and see on your Facebook profile.
Removing neighbors
You are allowed a maximum of 300 neighbors at a time, and you should do
everything you can to hit that limit. Although managing 300 neighbors might
seem tough, keep in mind that having a lot of neighbors increases your ability
to receive free gifts and take part in in-game activities that require neighbors,
as discussed later in this chapter.
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