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3. Click the Create a List button located at the top right.
The Create New List menu appears.
4. Type a name for your new list in the text box.
Make the name something applicable and memorable, such as
“FarmVille-only friends” or “Stranger Neighbors.”
5. (Optional) Click the names of any friends you want to add to this list.
If you already have some stranger neighbors as Facebook friends, you
can add them to your new list by clicking their profile picture. You can
also add them later, if you prefer.
6. Click the Create List button.
A page for your new list appears. You can access this page at any time
by returning to the Edit Friends page in Step 2 and clicking the name of
the list in the left sidebar.
7. Type all or part of the name of the stranger neighbor you'd like to add
to the list in the text box.
A drop-down list of all the Facebook friends who match that name
appears as you type.
8. Click the name of the stranger neighbor you'd like to add to the list.
The stranger neighbor is added to the list and appears below the text
entry field. Repeat Steps 7 and 8 as often as necessary until all your
stranger neighbors have been added to the list
Alternatively, you can click the Add Multiple button and then click the
faces of as many friends as you'd like. Click the Save List button to speed
up the process.
If you add more strangers as Facebook friends later, you will have to
actively add them to this list by starting from Step 7. You can also add
someone directly to it when you accept a friend request. To do so,
accept the request, click the Add to List button, select the stranger
neighbor list, and then click the blue Save button.
9. Click the Account menu in the upper-right corner and choose Privacy
The Facebook Privacy Settings page appears.
10. Click the Customize Settings button below your current settings.
The Facebook Privacy Settings Customization page appears, as shown in
Figure 4-4.
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