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Figure 4-3: A listing of some FarmVille neighbor-finding groups on
Before you start adding strangers as friends on your Facebook account, you
should consider how doing so may impact the security of your Facebook
account and your personal information. By default, these new friends will be
able to view any information you post on Facebook — even information you'd
like to limit to real friends only — and will be able to send you messages and
post on your wall.
Luckily, you can set privacy and security setting for these FarmVille “stranger
neighbors” separately from the settings for the rest of your Facebook friends.
To do so, follow these steps.
1. Click the Friends button on the left sidebar of your Facebook home
The Friends page appears.
2. Click the Edit Friends button, located at the top-right corner of the
Friends page.
The Edit Friends page appears, showing a list of all your current friends.
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