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A newly invited player is not automatically added to your Neighbors list. After
your friend installs the game (and shows up on the My Neighbors tab as a
friend who has already installed FarmVille), you still have to send that friend a
neighbor request, as discussed in the “Sending neighbor requests to friends
who have already installed FarmVille” section of this chapter. Your friend then
has to accept this request before you can visit his or her farm or take part in
other neighbor activities with that player.
At this point in the history of FarmVille, most people who are on Facebook
and have not tried the game have done so out of personal choice rather
than ignorance. Some of your Facebook friends may be annoyed if you try
to get them to install and play a game they have no interest in, especially if
you send multiple requests. Of course, you're free to try and convince your
friends that they're missing out by not playing FarmVille. Just don't be sur-
prised if your friends don't take to the idea as readily as you might hope.
Finding more neighbors
So you've already sent a neighbor request to every single one of your
FarmVille-playing Facebook friends, and yet you still want more neighbors?
Well, good. This shows that you understand the importance of neighbors in
helping you get the most out of your FarmVille farm.
After you've exhausted all your existing Facebook friends as potential
FarmVille neighbors, you have only one option for increasing your neighbor
count — finding some new friends! Luckily, you have better ways to find
potential neighbors than hanging out in a dark bar or posting a personal ad
in the paper (“Single white female seeks open-minded partner interested in
virtual fertilizer . . .”). Instead, you can try many other places online to find
like-minded players looking to find more neighbors.
Zynga's official forums host an entire thread devoted to connecting people
who are looking for new neighbors. You can find this thread by visiting . There, you
can post a link to your Facebook profile page so that people can send you
Facebook friend and FarmVille neighbor requests, or you can simply use the
existing links to send requests of your own to hundreds of potentially willing
neighbors. However, you can post only one friend request per week at the
FarmVille forum.
Another way to seek neighbors is through Facebook itself. Simply type
“FarmVille neighbor” into the search box on your Facebook home page to
see a list of dozens of Facebook groups where like-minded people gather to
look for new neighbors (see Figure 4-3). You can post a note in these groups,
asking others to add you as a Facebook friend and FarmVille neighbor, or
click a poster's name and send that person a friend request directly.
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