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Figure 4-2: The Invite Friends page.
2. Click the name or picture of up to 50 friends you want to invite to play
You can type all or part of a friend's name in the text box at the top of the
list to find a specific friend. You can also click the Filter Friend drop-down
menu to show only friends from a specific Facebook group or network.
3. (Optional) In the Invite by E-mail Address area, type the e-mail
addresses of anyone else you want to invite.
Be sure to put a comma between each e-mail address if you're sending
to multiple recipients.
4. Click the blue Send FarmVille Request button.
A confirmation window appears. You can click the Add Personal
Message link on this window to type an optional note to go along with
your request.
5. Click the blue Send button.
A post appears on your friend's Facebook news feed, asking him or her
to join you in playing FarmVille. Any friends who click the Accept and
Play button are asked to install the game and set up their farm.
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