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2. Click the blue Add as Neighbor button next to the friend to whom you
want to send a neighbor request.
A confirmation window appears. You can click the Add Personal
Message link on this window to type an optional note to go along with
your request.
3. Click Send.
A neighbor request will be posted to your friend's Facebook news feed.
That friend will now appear in the Pending Neighbors section of the My
Neighbors page.
4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for as many neighbor requests as you want to
Neighbor requests are just that: requests. Your Facebook friend has to click
the Accept and Play button on the news feed post you sent before he or she
officially becomes your neighbor. Friends who accept then appear in the
form of a profile picture and username in the Neighbor bar at the bottom of
your FarmVille game.
Just because a Facebook friend has installed FarmVille doesn't mean that he
or she is still actively playing the game. Look for friends listed with a high
FarmVille level and number of neighbors on the My Neighbors page; these
are the most likely to be actively looking for new neighbors.
Also, try not to take it personally if one of your Facebook friends doesn't
accept your neighbor request. Most likely, some friends just don't want to get
sucked back into the potentially addictive world of virtual farming. It's not
you . . . it's them.
Sending FarmVille invitations to Facebook
friends who haven't installed FarmVille
One reason for FarmVille's popularity is that many current players convince
their Facebook friends to give the game a try. You can join this viral adver-
tising chorus by sending personalized invitations to any of your Facebook
friends who have yet to try the game.
To invite unconverted Facebook friends to sign up for FarmVille, follow these
1. Click the Invite Friends tab above the Farmville play area.
The Invite Friends page, shown in Figure 4-2 appears. You can also
access this page by clicking an Add Neighbor icon in the Neighbor bar at
the bottom of the play area.
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