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Sending neighbor requests to Facebook friends
The friends you've already amassed on your Facebook account are the most
obvious source of new FarmVille neighbors. In fact, any potential neighbor
must first become your Facebook friend before he or she can become your
FarmVille neighbor.
For much more on finding and adding Facebook friends, we recommend
Facebook For Dummies, by Carolyn Abram and Leah Pearlman (Wiley).
Sending neighbor requests to friends who
have already installed FarmVille
With more than 50 million players worldwide, chances are good that some of
your Facebook friends are already playing FarmVille. Obviously, these friends
are the likeliest to accept a request to be your in-game neighbor.
To send a request to these friends, follow these steps:
1. Click the My Neighbors tab on the top menu, found above the
FarmVille play area.
The My Neighbors page appears, as shown in Figure 4-1. A list of your
current Facebook friends who have already installed FarmVille appears
at the top of this page.
Figure 4-1: The My Neighbors page.
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