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Won't You Be My Neighbor?
In This Chapter
Finding and adding more neighbors
Helping yourself by helping your neighbors
Being a good neighbor and understanding FarmVille etiquette
Posting gifts and bonuses to your Facebook news feed
Although you can play FarmVille wholly as a single-player experience,
adding some neighbors can substantially enhance your enjoyment of
the game. Though a good neighbor can't be purchased for any price, these
farming companions provide priceless benefits. Such benefits include tan-
gible ones, such as receiving coins, experience points (XP), and free gifts, as
well as intangibles ones: the joy of sharing the FarmVille experience with
like-minded friends.
This chapter tells you everything you need to know about
finding neighbors, maximizing all the benefits of having
them, and treating them right.
Finding and Adding Neighbors
Signing up to play FarmVille is completely free, so
anyone with Internet access is a potential neigh-
bor. Some friends and contacts are more likely than
others to become neighbors, however, as we explain
in the following section.
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