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Figure 3-9: A lost animal shared via a friend's Facebook newsfeed.
Maximize your crop space
Buying a larger farm means you have more space to plant crops. Having more
space to plant crops means you can earn more money in the same amount of
time. Earning more money means you can afford to buy a larger farm more
quickly. Buying a larger farm means you have more space to plant crops. You
can probably see how this cycle can be advantageous. For more on buying
farm upgrades, see Chapter 6.
Plant fast-growing crops
The fastest way to earn coins is to keep a steady flow of crops growing on
your farm. Berries tend to have the fastest growing times; thus, you can turn
over a plot of land with berries more frequently, and therefore more profit-
ably, than you can a plot with another crop. Of course, you also have to
check in to harvest your crops more often, but no one said that virtual farm-
ing success would come easily. (If we said that earlier in the topic, we were
lying.) Fast-growing crops also usually come with little to no XP rewards for
planting, so they will slow down your progress toward gaining new levels
(see Chapter 8 for more on experience points and levels).
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