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Tips for New Farmers
Although your new farm might not look so hot compared to your veteran
FarmVille neighbors, don't let these humble beginnings get you down. You,
too, can become a FarmVille Millionaire in a very short time if you stick to the
following tips for new farmers.
Block your farmer
One of the biggest time sinks in all of FarmVille is waiting for your slow
farmer to walk all the way across your farm just to collect some chicken eggs
or what have you. You can get around this wait, oddly enough, by setting up
barriers to block your farmer from getting around your farm.
When you load your farm, take note of where your farmer avatar is initially
positioned. This central spot will be the same every time you load your farm.
By setting up a small ring of obstacles around this position, as shown in
Figure 3-8, your farmer will be trapped and unable to reach any of the vari-
ous crops, animals, trees, and items littering the rest of your farm. Instead of
making the game impossible to play, this actually makes playing much more
efficient by letting you perform actions without waiting for your farmer to
walk to the appropriate part of the farm. Neat trick, huh?
You can use any solid object to build your square prison — hay bales, fences,
ducks. . . Be creative! Be careful not to leave any gaps in the wall where your
farmer could squeeze out or the block won't be effective. You can test for
gaps by clicking outside the block and seeing whether your farmer can walk to
the location you indicated. If he or she stays in the center, congratulations —
you've set up an effective prison.
After you upgrade your farm with an expansion, your avatar's starting posi-
tion will change and you'll have to set up a new blocking pattern.
Wait to decorate
We know it's tempting to buy the most extravagant-looking items from
the Market as soon as you can, especially when you've got coins to spare.
However, it pays to be frugal at first and to focus on more productive uses for
your coins. Because decorations usually don't yield a regular income, buying
them in bulk means you could quickly find yourself with an empty pocket-
book and a farm full of useless junk.
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