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You can purchase some of the most lucrative trees in FarmVille only with
Farm Cash. The Acai tree is the most profitable tree in the game, yielding
158 coins every two days, but it will cost you a whopping 27 Farm Cash to
get one.
You can purchase certain other lucrative trees only during the short window
when they're available as limited-edition items. The Lychee and Asian Pear
trees, which yield 140 coins each harvest, were some of the best of these, but
keep your eyes peeled for new limited-edition trees, which can show up at
any time.
Then there are the highly-sought-after trees that you have to acquire as gifts
from your neighbors. These include the Jackfruit tree, which you can get as a
free Mystery Gift, and the Ginkgo tree, which your neighbors can send you as
a normal gift.
Although some farmers complain that trees can ruin the look of a farm by
blocking the view of items or crops, some farmers place them strategically to
hide unsightly objects. Placing trees on the top edge of a farm is a good way
to ensure that they won't get in the way of any other items on your farm.
Decorations are simply items that don't yield coins or serve any productive
purpose on your farm. You purchase them from the Market, receive them as
gifts, or find them in Mystery Eggs, Mystery Gifts, or Mystery Boxes.
Even though owning decorations may not seem efficient, you can earn a few
ribbon achievements as a reward for owning them (see Chapter 11 for more
on earning ribbons). Purchasing decorations from the Market also yields XP,
which you can use to build up your farm's level (see Chapter 8 for more on
achieving higher levels). Note that decorative items purchased with Farm
Cash usually yield more XP than those purchased with coins.
Even though they aren't strictly productive, many farmers enjoy using hun-
dreds of decorative items to customize their farm and make it more aestheti-
cally pleasing. Still other farmers balk at the uselessness of decorations and
devote their entire farms to items and crops that can earn XP and coins.
Others fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Which type of farm
you want to create is entirely up to you.
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