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Note that pets that are purchased as puppies require regular feeding to
become full-fledged adult dogs. To feed a puppy, click it with the Multi
tool and then choose Feed from the drop-down menu. Feeding your puppy
requires Puppy Kibble, which you purchase from the Market (for one Farm
Cash each) or receive as a gift from friends. Pets purchased with coins come
with one day's worth of kibble, whereas puppies purchased with Farm Cash
comes with a full two weeks' worth.
You can tickle your puppy by clicking it and choosing Tickle from the drop-
down menu. Your puppy will roll over onto its back and shake its legs as
hearts pop up above its tummy. Adorable!
Puppies that are purchased with coins can run away if they're not fed once
daily. If a puppy runs away, you can rescue it from the Dog Pound by paying
Farm Cash for its return.
After 14 consecutive daily feedings, a puppy grows into an adult dog, which
no longer requires daily feedings. You can also teach adult dogs tricks by
feeding them Dog Treats purchased from the Market. The kinds of tricks the
adult dog can learn depends on the breed. For example, the Border Collie can
harvest 20 animals on your farm by “herding” them in a single click.
Dogs will forget their tricks if they're not fed new treats daily, so make sure
you're stocked up!
Growing and harvesting trees is another way to earn coins. As with crops,
trees take time to ripen before being ready for harvest. In contrast to crops,
however, trees can be harvested many times from one planting. Trees don't
wither as crops do, either, so you can harvest them at your leisure.
You can purchase trees directly with Farm Cash or coins in the market,
receive them as gifts via the Gifting page, or find them as Mystery Gifts from
friends (see Chapter 4 for more on gifts). After you plant a tree on an open
patch of soil, it immediately begins ripening. Hover over a tree with the Multi
tool to see how ripe it is as a percentage. When a tree reaches the 100% mark
and is ready to harvest, click it with the Multi tool to reset the ripeness to 0%
and receive a bonus in coins.
Each specific type of tree has its own unique ripening time and coin yield
from each harvest. Some trees, such as the Falling Blossom, Dogwood, Birch,
Magnolia, and Jacaranda trees, are strictly decorative and can't be harvested
for coins.
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