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A humane harvest
If you've always wanted to have a farm because
of your love of animals, you'll be happy to know
that harvesting animals in FarmVille doesn't
harm any animals, even virtually. Instead, the
lucrative “harvest” from the animal techni-
cally comes from some sort of product that the
animal produces. You collect milk from cows
and feathers from ducks, for instance. Sheep
produce wool, and pigs find valuable truffles.
The developers at Zynga can get pretty cre-
ative when it comes to harvesting animals that
don't seem to have a friendly purpose or use.
For example, whenever you harvest from a Baby
Tiger, it magically produces lucrative “Good
Luck.” It's enough to warm the heart of even
the most strident animal rights activist.
To obtain a pet, follow these steps:
1. On the Market menu, click the Animals tab and then the Pets tab.
A list of various pets appears.
2. Click the Buy button underneath the pet you want to purchase.
The Pet Customization menu, shown in Figure 3-7, appears.
3. Use the buttons on this menu to choose your new pet's gender, color,
and name; then click the Buy button to make your purchase.
Figure 3-7: The Pet Customization menu.
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